What Does a Logic Major Do, Anyways?

Honestly, at first even I wasn't even sure.

Apparently, there are a lot of people a bit confused about what a logic major does. Fortunately, Russell J. Buehler broke this down on his page and also created this neat graphic below this text. I didn't find this until this year, so I had to find out for myself all of the directions logic could go by taking classes. Here's a list of what I took:


  • Introduction to Logic Phil 180
  • Introduction to Symbolic Logic Phil 303
  • Formal Methods of Philosophy Phil 413
  • Mathematical Logic Phil 414
  • Rational Choice Theory Phil 443
  • Math

  • Calculus I Math 115
  • Calculus II Math 116
  • Linear Algebra Math 217
  • Advanced Calculus Math 451
  • Mathematical Logic Math 481
  • Linguistics

  • Introduction to Language Ling 111
  • Introduction to Syntax Ling 315
  • Introduction to Semantics Ling 316
  • Mathematics of Language Ling 341
  • Semantics and Pragmatics Ling 514
  • Misc.

  • Game Theory SI 563
  • Senior Capstone UC 455